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RV and Boat Financing



 ·         APR is the Annual Percentage Rate. 

·         Subject to consumer loan program guidelines and credit approval. Certain fees, closing costs and restrictions may apply.

 ·         APR applied to the loan is the APR in effect on the date the application is received and is valid for 60 days.

 ·         APRs may vary with loan term.

 ·         Maximum loan term is based on loan amount.

 ·         Rates and terms may vary with market conditions and are subject to change without notice.

 ·         Actual rate and term may vary based on collateral, collateral age, loan amount, collateral use and other criteria.

 ·         Credit score may vary depending on credit reporting agency.

 ·         Minimum loan amount for pleasure use is $10,000 in all states.

 ·         Minimum loan amount for Full-Timer/Live-Aboard use is $25,000 in all states.

  ·       In Puerto Rico, boat must be U.S. Coast Guard documented.